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Okapi Books

Okapis (Animals of the Rain Forest) by Christy Steele

In Search of the Okapi: A Story of Adventures in Central Africa by Ernest Glanville

The wonderland of the Eastern Congo;: The region of the snow-crowned volcanoes, the pygmies, the giant gorilla, and the okapi, by Thomas Alexander Barns

On the Track of the Mystery Animal: The Story of the Discovery of the Okapi by Miriam Schlein

The Okapi: Mysterious Animal of Congo-Zaire by Susan Lyndaker Lindsey, Mary Neel Green, Cynthia L. Bennett, and Jane Goodall

Okapi Coins

These silver coins issued by Zaire in 1975 (left) and 1996 (right) depict the Okapi.
Okapi Stamps
The stamp on the left was issued in the Belgian Congo in 1932 and may be the first stamp ever to depict an okapi. The stamp on th eright was issued in Benin in 1996. For more information on okapi stamps, go to: http://www.pibburns.com/cryptost/okapi.htm


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