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Scientific Name: Okapia Johnstoni (in honour of Sir Harry Johnston, the British explorer, naturalist and colonial administrator).

Range: North, central and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)

Habitat: Dense and damp forests

Lifespan: About 33 years in captivity

Gestation: 427-491 days

Offspring: 1, about 35 pounds at birth

Size: Length, 7-8 feet; shoulder height, 5-6 feet; weight, 465-550 pounds

Diet: Buds, shoots of trees, grass, ferns, fruit, fungi and manioc

Characteristics: Okapis have a stout body with a slightly sloping back, similar to a giraffe but with a shorter neck.

Endangered: Near threatened. It's main enemies are leopards and humans.


Okapi cool facts:

The Okapi is the only mammal that can clean its ears with its tongue.

Unlike most animals, the males of the species of okapi are smaller than the females.

The okapis closest living relative is the giraffe.




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